Month November 2019

Don’t work with big data but many small pockets of data.

Many of us has been there; trying to give big data it’s magical moment on stage. We have relentlessly waited to show the promise of what big data can bring. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… Continue Reading →

HELP! Fires are burning and I can’t focus on growth now.

Product Managers are always in this burning situation. Everyday there is something up; customer complaints, server downtime, fraud attack, error messages, user demands etc. We run around trying to put out this fires and once done another crops up. Endless… How… Continue Reading →

Pioneering growth and disrupting silos

Sean Ellis did mention that the problem with stagnant growth is when organisations have silo pillars formed between Software Engineering, Product Marketing, Marketing and Sales teams. These teams are only responsible for their own area of work. In a typical… Continue Reading →

It takes more than one to Drive Growth

“Growth” is an unavoidable term now in any startup or business organisations especially in software and technology companies. This term is definitely not new as we have seen blogs, tweets, conferences on Growth 5 years ago when startups and entrepreneurship… Continue Reading →

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